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Bonnell spring assembling machine for Sri Lanka

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A Sri Lanka customer got our company info from a rusted plate on an old machine.and they have a new project for spring mattress.previously they are only producing coir mattress for Sri Lanka, as Sri Lanka is abundent with the resource of coir.

Sri lanka is abundant with coir 

Coir mattress is only belonging to low end mattress. most luxury mattress are spring mattress, latex mattress or hybrid mattress. so in order to grasp the developing market in Sri Lanka, they decided to set up a line to produce bonnell spring.

coir mattress


high end mattress


they are not familiar with chinese market. so they entrust a chinese friend to pay a special visit to our factory to see if the factory is still exsiting.


off course, we are still alive and also living better. and our factory has expanded from previou small mill to a big factory. as for the bonnell spring machine, we have been producing it for 10 years. 


our quality is coming from our technician's endless pursuit for perfection of every small details.

Bonnell spring assembling machine testing and fine tuning

each machine will be tested and fine tuned before it leaves factory. and each mattress spring will be strickly measured and adjusted according to customers requests.

mattress spring measuring and checking

Welcome each custmers to visit our factory for the mattress spring machines.

for more info, Pls contact us.



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