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High-speed mattress flanging machine for mattress sewing and overlocking

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   mattres flanging machine is mainly used for sewing between mattress fabric and side wall trim, and can also be used for sewing other upholstered mattresses, sleeping bags and tents. The traditional platform style mattress flanging machine is generally modified with a common lock or chain stitch overlock machine. limited by the structural characteristics of the common overlocking head itself, the speed generally does not exceed 3500r/min, and the sewing thickness does not exceed 50mm. At the same time, due to the small tooth shape of the feed, the insufficient grip on the fabric results in a small stitch length when sewing thick materials, generally only about 4.5mm

mattress flanging machine

      Therefore, square mattress machinery developed and mattress overlock sewing machine with faster speed and stronger thickness. So we considered using our own KB1A multi-function mattress flainging  machine for retrofitting. On the basis of this machine, we have improved the structure of the presser foot and feed dog, removed the cutter and other parts, and installed the side belt discharge and guide device. 

details of improved mattress flanging machine

Because the presser foot of the machine head is raised high, it is easier to place thick materials. At the same time, we have increased the tooth pitch and height of the feed dog, which makes the gripping material more powerful. Compared with the speed, the needle pitch, and the thick eating ability after trial It has been greatly improved on traditional models. At the same time, the cloth feeder has reserved space for the inlay rope to make it easier for customers to add filler when wrapping, so that the sewing effect is more full. and we will continue to listen to customers' opinions and continuously improve the usability of the product. 

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