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How to maintain multi-needle mattress border quilting machine in summer

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The weather is gradually heating up, and many manufacturers choose to do the manufacturing process in partial machinery job and partial labor. However, due to the lack of using experience of multi needle mattress border quilting machines, the results were not as effective as expected. So Regular maintenance, regular cleaning of multi-needle quilting machine, not only beneficial to increase revenue, but also extend the life of the machine.


 In most factories, the maintenance of multi-needle quilting machines usually only stays on the surface of the machine. In fact, this does not completely maintain the machine. Because the outside is only a small part, the inside of the machine is not maintained, which is the key to the use of the machine.

   After understanding the key factors affecting the use of the machine, we can do one more step at a time when maintaining the quilting machine. The rotation of the multi-needle machine head and the sliding parts should be regularly lubricated. The fasteners should be checked for looseness at any time. The inside of the electric box is cleaned and kept clean in time.


    This step is very simple, and does not have to rely on professional masters. These common precautions must be implemented. In this way, the quilting machine has a long service life, and the damage to the machine is small, the number of repairs and maintenance is small, and the cost is naturally saved.

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