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How to make mattress-identify each mattress machine in mattress production

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How to make a mattress



Some of our customers who make foam mattress now want to make spring mattresses, others who are making spring mattresses want to make foam mattress.

But they don't know how to make the mattresses that they are not familiar with


Here is a brief introduction on how to make mattresses, no mattress it is a spring mattress, foam mattress or Air mattresses.


Basically there are 4 types of mattresses :


spring mattress.png1. Spring mattress

Spring mattress is also called inner spring mattress, and the most commonly seen spring mattress is bonnell spring mattress and pocket spring mattress.



 foam mattress.png   

2. Foam mattress

Foam mattress use several types of foam such as Memory(or Visco) foam, latex, and polyurethane in one bed.



air mattress.png

3. Air mattress

Air mattress filled with pressurized air, are constructed of vulcanized rubber, covered in canvas or of polyurethane. The air chamber(s) are then installed into a cloth shell or ticking.



 hybrid mattress.png

4.Hybrid mattress

Hybrid mattress blends two or more kinds of bed such as memory foam spring or memory foam air




Since most air mattress is specifically intended for camping and backpacking, we will not discuss it here anymore.


First, let’s come with the spring mattress:

spring mattress.png   spring mattress inside show.png


Spring mattresses consist of two primary sections: a spring unit and comfort layers-wrapped by the quilt fabrics.


Bonnell spring unit.png

1.Bonnell spring unit:

Step 1: use bonnell spring coiling machine to coil the bonnell spring.

Step 2: use bonnell assembling machine to assembly the bonnell spring into a spring unit.

Step 3: use wire straightening machine to straighten the wire straight.

Step 4use frame bending machine to bend the wire into a rectangular shape.

Step 5: use a butt welder or steel sleeve connect stamping machine to close the two ends of the bended rectangular shape.

Step 6: use a clinching gun to connect the wire frame to the spring unit.



  1. Comfort layers:

Put flexible polyurethane foam (which includes convoluted "egg-crate" foam), visco-elastic foam, latex foam, felt, polyester fiber, cotton fiber, wool fiber and nonwoven fiber pads on top of the spring unit


finished mattress.png

  1. Wrapping the spring unit and comfort layers by quilted fabric.


Step 1: make quilted fabric by using the quilting machine

Step 2: use the flanging machine to flange the quilted fabric

Step3: use the mattress border flanging machine to make the mattress border

Step4: use the mattress label machine to sew the mattress label on the mattress border

Step5: use the tape edge machine to connect the mattress border with the top flanged quilted fabric to finish the mattress making.

That is for bonnell spring mattress, and next time we will come for pocket spring mattress. 

( to be continued)


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