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IKEA bagged spring mattresses originally used these mattresses making equipment

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We all know that IKEA's pocket spring mattresses have individually wrapped pocket springs that can be operated individually and fit snugly to provide comfortable support. The top layer of the mattress can be stretched and fit to the body for a comfortable experience. Some mattress manufacturers also want to make IKEA pocket spring mattresses, but they don't know which equipment to use, or which mattress equipment to use.


 What equipment does IKEA's pocket spring mattress use? We will know that we need to use the pocket spring machine when we look at the name. The automatic bag spring machine is fully automatic. Due to the use of a back seal type edge seal. Thinner nonwovens can also be used in the production of springs for thicker steel wires. It has the function of setting the length of the empty cutting part and the automatic stopping of the cloth, thus improving the intelligence of the machine and making the product structure more firm.


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