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Multi-needle chain stitch sewing machine installation and commissioning in Indonesia

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Indonesia purchased a multi-needle chain sewing machine from our company. Since it is their first purchase, they did not know how to use it, square mattress machinery sent their after sales service people to guide them to install the machine and use it. When they heard that Square Mattress machinery’s people to help them, they are very enthusiastic. And they come early at the door to greet our people.

customer meeting our people


      Entering the factory, they have already done the preliminary work, our sale service people skillf ully finish installing the sewing machine. After that, our people began to teach them how to use them. As our company's multi-needle chain stitch sewing machine is easy to operate, the workers are soon  familiar with it and can operate the sewing machine. The workers saw our after-sales service people’s operation and raised their thumbs after learning operating the machine. After they can handle the machine, our people also told them some precautions so that they can trouble shoot all the problem they met.




      After they learned the operation, our service people also introduced some advantages of our multi-needle chain sewing machine compared with their nomal multi-needle machine sewing machine. Our multi-needle chain stitch sewing machine adopts the gantry open design, which has the advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance and high overall rigidity. The multi-needle chain sewing machine has up to 65 needles with a span of 406.4 mm, and the sewing range is greatly wider than that of the conventional multi-needle machine. With the receiving and discharging racks and the flexible configuration of the guiding device, it is possible to sew mattress border of various patterns.



In terms of after-sales service, Square Mattress Machinery pays a great attention to it, so that customers who bought our company's products with a worry-free ease mind. And our company has a special team, who are responsible for usage problems. so All our customers problem can be resolved immediately.

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