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Precautions for installation and use of automatic mattress tape edge machine

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Many people buy automatic mattress tape edge machine, but they have no ideal have to allocate how much space for machine installations as well as the necessary precautions and they need to take. 

below is some of the necessary steps they need to take. those steps can facilate the later installation and commissioning and save your time. ( time will not be wasted to prepairing the necessary conditions to running the machine).


Here is the precautions:

1. Please read the instructions (including the instructions of the machine, electrical appliances, and machine head) carefully before installing and using the automatic mattress tape edge machine.

2. Site selection:

      Due to the relatively large volume of the automatic mattress tape edge sewing machine, the venue must be able to reach (4×5×3 meters) and have enough space for the sewing activities.


3. Installation requirements of automatic mattress tape edge machine:

      a. automatic mattress tape edge machine must be working on a flat surface, the table shall be parralle with the ground, especially the two front and back connections of the machine must be on the same plane.

      b. The lifting barrel of the mattress tape edge machine shall be perpendicular to the working plane.

      c. The power cord must be connected by a professional electrician, must have a ground wire.

      d. an air compressor shall be needed and the air pressure shall be 0.4-0.6 Mp.

 4.  the matters needing attention when using the automatic mattress tape edge machine:

      1 The machine sewing head must be cleaned and refueled before get off work (there is a red spot on the sewing head of automatic mattress tape edge machine).

      2 When there is no fabric under the presser foot, the needle head must not be started when the needle thread is not drawn.

      3 Familiar with the functions and precautions of each button, foot pedal and photoelectric switch of the machine.

      4 Understand the craftsmanship of sewing a mattress, mattress tape edge machine corner turning time as well as adjustments of light sensor which detects the mattress motion.

      5 Understand the function and operation of each inverter, generally do not allow unauthorized adjustment of various parameters.

Hope this helps. if there is any question, Pls contact us freely. 

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