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Production of S-shape springs may wish to look at the automatic S shape spring machine series

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With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, sofas are no longer a luxury, and gradually spread to thousands of households. The sofas  whcih use S-shape springs are not only breathable, but also comfortable and soft. The S shape spring has good vibration damping and long service life. Therefore, the life cycle of the sofa is extended.

If you want a comfortable sitting on the sofa, you need a combination of a s shape spring and a sponge, or a s-shape spring combined with a pagoda spring and a sponge. Therefore, a good sofa must have a s-shape spring.

The s shape spring is used on the backrest and the seat of the sofa. Therefore, S-shape springs must be chosen when selecting high-grade sofas.

sofa with s shape spring

Speaking of the S-shaped spring, it is necessary to take a look at the production of s shape springs. Nowadays, the production of sofas requires a large number of s shape springs, and automated production is indispensable. The automated s shape spring machine is also operational. The fully automatic s shape machine series produced by Square mattress machinery has received great response and praise from customers as soon as it is introduced to the market.

automatic s shape spring machine production line

From a wire to a curved spring, an automated s shape spring can be achieved. The s-shape springs are guaranteed in terms of quality and shape. Since the automatic s shape spring machine series is a continuous production S-type snake spring. Therefore, one can watch 6-8 identical devices at the same time. Save a lot of labor.

S shape spring machine in customers' factory

The automatic s-shape spring machine series can be used not only for the production of sofa springs, but also for the production of special S-type serpentine springs such as car seats.

Square mattress machinery factory designed S-shapespring machine can easily change the spring distance, height and cut length of the snake spring as needed. The servo motor controlled by the computer can accurately cut and bending. It is the ideal matching equipment for sofas and car seat cushion spring manufacturers.

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