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Small multi-needle mattress border quilting machine saving your labor 80%

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Many customers will ask when they are consulting customer service, Which kind of small multi-needle quilting machine is good, this question is really difficult for us to answer. All of our products are manufactured and produced by ourselves, and they are definitely easy to use. But we can't say that we can't solve this problem, Our customer service will still ask you how wide the fabric is, and then tell you which one is good. With the DZJ multi needle mattress border quilting machine, you can save 80% of labor.


 The quilting machine adopts the gantry frame open structure design, which has the advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance and high overall rigidity. The machine has up to 65 needles with a span of 406.4mm, and the sewing range is greatly wider than that of the conventional multi-needle machine. With the receiving and discharging racks and the flexible guiding device, a variety of pattern mattress border can be sewed. What's more important is that one person can operate the multi-needle mattress border quilting machine very well. It doesn't need to be sewing together with 7-8 people as before, so there will be no more workers' wages, and there will be no fear of labor shortage which will lead to production speed slow down.


At the time of selection, to better know the quilting machine, Square can tell you the right model and the corresponding price for your production.

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