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The development history of Nanjing Square Mattress Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Nanjing SquareMattress Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Nanjing Sifang Mattress Machinery Factory) was founded in 1990 and has a history of 29 years.


1. In 1990, “Nanjing Sifang Mattress Machinery Factory” was established to design and produce the first mattress tape edge machine for chinese market;

the first mattress tape edge machine

2. In 1996, the mattress tape edge machine was first sold and exported to oversea market, and this is Nanjing square mattress machinery first officially exploring the international market;

mattress tape edge machine to enter the international market

3. In 2006, the new factory was put into use, “Nanjing Square Mattress Machinery Co., Ltd.” was established. The new factory covers an area of 35,000 square meters. In the same year, it participated in the US ISPA Sleep Exhibition for the first time.

Nanjing square in ISPA

4. In 2009, it signed a cooperation agreement with Japan Matsushita Co., Ltd., and the new model MS-T601 mattress tape edge machine was born. In the same year, it participated in the INTERZUM exhibition in Germany for the first time. The export volume of mattress machinery products increased rapidly.

cooperation with Japan

5. In 2014, the automation of mattress machinery was fully introduced to the domestic and foreign markets;

6.In 2018, Nanjing Square developed WKH2 fully automatic mattress border quilting machine for Ikea mattress.  and innovated the auto flippig mattress tape edge machine Model FB5B. 

FB5B and WKH2

7. in the coming 2019, our fully automated mattress border overlocking, mattress handle sewing and attaching will come into being soon.


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