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The secrets of snake spring machine used nine years - Square sofa spring machine

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If you want to know if the snake spring machine or sofa spring machine is good or not, how can it be used for a long time? for all these Square mattress machinery can answer your questions. Now there are so many manufacturers, so sofa spring manufacturers face a lot of competition. Fortunately, we have always insisted on doing a good job of each sofa spring machine, so we are not afraid of the customer asking about the quality of sofa spring machine, now we will tell you the secrets of snake spring machine used for nine years.


  first of all is that all the parts of sofa spring machine is carefully milled, tempered, carefully assembled and engineered, only those who have used it know that why the intrinsic quality of the machine is so important, and many of the old customers who buy it repeatedly from one manufacturer, just for the stable quality of the sofa spring. How can we use the snake spring machine for a long time? The problem is that even if the equipment is left out of maintenance, the performance will continue to drop. After the first refueling for 200-300 hours, the internal oil is flushed and replaced with new oil, and then replaced every six months. When the use environment is bad or continuous work for more than eight hours, shorten the service life of the lubricant. Doing these things well can make the sofa spring machine perform better.


whether Square's equipment is good or not, you will know it when you come to manufacturing site, you are welcome to visit our company.

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