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A mattress maker with SKB double serging machine

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A mattress maker with SKB double serging machine


Mattress makers are beginning to realize that it is ridiculous to make everything nice on the mattress and then spoil the effect by with the mattress border un-overlocked.


With an un-overlocked mattress border, it is not easy for a tape edger to tape edge closing the mattress. Because of the uneven tightness and height of mattress border, it is easily gets twisted, and all the tape edge closing looks like it has a bumpy and waving effect.


Most mattress makers wish to make a mattress as good as Sealy, but they don’t know how sealy make the mattress. Sealy knows when the little things counts, so they pay more attention to the critical point where they can make a mattress more nice. For SKB double serging machine, most of sealy factory all have one from us.

sealy mattress.png 

You can do as sealy did. And it doesn’t cost you much, beside that SKB double serging machine is a fully automatic machine which quite save labour. When the material is loaded, the machine runs automatically and continuously, and people can do other jobs.

SKB double serging machine.JPG 

SKB double serging machine can last longer-it can stand the test of time-a matter of years, and they can make your mattress look more neat and nice. The whole machine is with two JUKI sewing head and one pair of long lasting Urethane rollers. and all the possible wear might be the needles which you will change during the production.

JUKI sewing head on SKB double serging machine.JPG long lasting Urethane roller on SKB double serging machine.JPG


SKB double serging machine needs less training, nearly every people can operate it. You can adjust mattress border width and sewing speed on the touch screen. The machine is equipped with auto thread broken detection and material splice auto –stop device, so if there is any problem, the machine will give alarm and the touch screen will show you what the problem is. And you can identify the problem and fix it very easily,

SKB double serging machine with touch screen control panel.jpg Touch screen control panel on SKB double serging machine.jpg

SKB double serging machine is made by Nanjing Square mattress machinery, a company which is dedicated to producing mattress machines for 28 years in china. Just telephone 0086-25-84872407, our engineer can give you more info about this machine.

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