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  • Square Mattress Machinery conducts fire drills to improve employee responsive capabilities

    Life is paramount, and safe development is the foundation of enterprise development. It raises employees' awareness of fire safety and enhances their ability to respond to sudden fire accidents. On October 9, Nanjing Square Mattress Machinery Co., Ltd. organized employees to carry out safety produ

  • Mattress Flanging Machine with automatic waste collection device

    Mattress Flanging Machine with automatic waste collection device can make your production site more clean and more productive.

  • How do we take care of our customer's order?

    In Square mattress machinery, as long as our customer orders for one piece of mattress machines, we will first manufacture it , test it, and then send it out.

  • Buying good quality mattress machine means you save a lot of your money

    In the mattress machinery market, the different price of spring machines is common. In terms of overall price and quality and performance, Square is still very cost-effective, free shipping and installation, for more info, Pls feel free to contact us.

  • Automatic Sofa Zigzag Spring machine creates a relaxed production environment

    Automatic sofa zigzag spring machine products the sofa zigzag springs continuously, while its cutting systems cuts the sinuous springs and make it falls directly into the receiving device. it is with high efficiency and quite save labor.

  • Automatic mattress tape edge machine-Save 80% of your labor

    Automatic mattress tape edge machine-Save 80% of your labor . It is worth trying!

  • Small multi-needle mattress border quilting machine saving your labor 80%

    multi needle mattress border quilting machine has up to 65 needles with a span of 406.4mm, and the sewing range is greatly wider than that of the conventional multi-needle machine. With the receiving and discharging racks and the flexible guiding device, a variety of pattern mattress border can be sewed.

  • What is the advantage of the mattress edge sewing machine - 3D sewing effect

    Although factory production is a long time of work, when you are still in the ink, others have already completed half! You do not believe? You can go to the scene to see, a white machine is placed next to it, 3D wrapping effect, envy? Want this effect? The advantages of the mattress edging machine a

  • Happy mid-autumn Festival

    The annual Mid-Autumn Festival has arrived, thanks to the new and old customers of Square Mattress Machinery for their continued support and trust.

  • Mattress border side stitching machine - tack and jump border stitching

    As per our customer's request, Nanjing square make the first mattress border side stitching machine for their factory. This machine is using 4 sewing heads to jump tack the

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