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  • high-density sponge knowledge popularization process- Sponge Machinery Factory Nanjing Square

    today, as a Sponge Machinery Factory, Nanjing square will tells you about the knowledge of high-density sponge or foam.

  • The new trend of foam cutting machines

    Laser sponge cutting machine is developing at a high speed, it is worth looking forward to. It is probably the new trend for foam cutting machines.When it comes to laser-related equipment, everyone responds that it is taller and more expensive. For example, the familiar laser TVs, laser printers, an

  • The maintainence of 14 sets of mattress tape edge machine for Sleemon

    Last year, Sleemon bought fourteen automatic mattress tape edge machines for their Thailand factory. we finished installation and debugging when the machines arrived at their Thailand factory. but this year, we still send our technician to their Thailand factory to ensure everything is ok so that th

  • Mattress machines ready for the new journey

    Early in the morning, the cargo truck came to our Nanjing Square Mattress Machinery Co., Ltd., ready for the mattress machinery and equipment that was about to leave for Fujian. In order to ensure that our mattress machinery is not damaged during transportation. The workers and masters all carried o

  • What are the anti-interference measures of the CNC sponge cutting machine?

    The CNC sponge cutting machine is generally equipped with protective materials for external noise, but because it is difficult to quantitatively measure the size and frequency of the noise, we should take corresponding anti-interference measures. Here is the way how to do it. 1. Clamping and shield

  • Mattress topper pad sewing machine

    Mattress topper pad sewing machine makes the mattress topper pad sewing very easily.

  • High-speed mattress flanging machine for mattress sewing and overlocking

    mattres flanging machine is mainly used for sewing between mattress fabric and side wall trim, and can also be used for sewing other upholstered mattresses, sleeping bags and tents. The traditional platform overlock sewing machine is generally modified with a common lock or chain machine, limited

  • How to maintain the sofa spring machine?

    How to maintain the sofa spring machine-Square mattress machinery teaches you a simple 2 steps If the right choiced product is the basis for improving efficiency, then good maintenance is the process, that is, whether it is the foundation or the process, every point is very important to the result.

  • Automatic mattress border double overlock sewing machine save your time and labor

    As one of the main products of Nanjing Square mattress machinery, SKB2 mattress overlock sewing machine has always been welcomed and trusted by people in the mattress manufacturing industry.What are the functions of mattress sewing machine? This model is used for copying and copying on both s

  • Precautions for installation and use of automatic mattress tape edge machine

    Many people buy automatic mattress tape edge machine, but they have no ideal have to allocate how much space for machine installations as well as the necessary precautions

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