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Automatic mattress border double overlock sewing machine save your time and labor

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 As one of the main products of Nanjing Square mattress machinery, SKB2 mattress double overlock sewing machine has always been welcomed and trusted by people in the mattress manufacturing industry.

mattress border overlock sewing machine

What are the functions of mattress double overlock sewing machine?

       This model is used for overlocking on both sides of the mattress border. It integrates the device of unwinding, sewing, rewinding and collecting. It can realize automatic sewing without care. Compared with the traditional single-person operation mattress overlocking machine, its advantages not only save productivity, but also improve production efficiency and overall product quality. Due to the use of advanced mechanical transmission principles, it is suitable for hemming of various mattress border fabrics.

CBJ mattress border marking and cutting machine

   And according to the needs of customers, SKB2 mattress overlock sewing machine can also be linked with CBJ1 automatic mattress border marking and cutting machine to realize fully automation for mattress border sewing and cutting. 

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