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Since 1990
We started our business of mattress sewing machine, mattress spring machine,mattress packing machine. Nanjing Square is now the industry leader in developing sewing automation for mattress production. 

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Mattress machine maintainance and usage: 

  • Why Mattress tape edge machine become slower?


    There are four cases which will lead to Mattress tape edge machine become slower:

    1. Mattress tape edge machine become slower sometimes it is because the mechanic reason.
        drag the walking carriage of Mattress tape edge machine to test to see if the resistance is too large.
        if the resistance is too large, make adjustment to the walking carriage so that the walking carrige of mattress tape edge machine can move smoothly on the track of mattress tape edge machine.

    2. the approx. switch of mattress tape edge machine is a slightly loose, adjust it to keep it pressing tight.

    3. the approximate switch for mattress tape edge machine is broken.  and replace a new one.

    after fixing the above problem, your mattress tape edge machine will become as fast as usual.

  • How to extend the life of mattress tape edge machine?

    FB1mattress tape edge machineFB3A mattress tape edge machineFB4A-mattress-tape-edge-machineFB6-mattress-tape-edge-machineFB5-auto-flipping-mattress-tape-edge-machineFB5B-new-arrival-Automatic-mattress-tape-edge-machine
    The above mattress tape edge machine is all made with steel, some even use tool steel to enhance its performance.
    so for all the mattress tape edge machine from Nanjing Square, its quality is all guaranteed. and it is not easily damaged.
    as an old saying says "Good machine is out of the machine's daily maintenance" so the maintenance is also important.
    Good maintenance can increase the life of the machine.

    for all the mattress tape edge machine, you have to do the following to extend its life
         1, cleaning the various parts of mattress tape edge machine every day when you are off work.
         2, check the fastening parts, replace the defective screws of each mattress tape edge machine when you found it.
         3, to refill the lubrication oil to the nose of the oil hole of each mattress tape edge machine sewing head, so that the oil can better lubrication the sewing head.
             it is very facilitate the mattress tape edge sewing next day.
         4, to refill oil to the moving parts. for the turbine box, replace the oil inside it every three months.

    if you have more question, Pls email us.  Thanks

  • What is the difference between different types of mattress flanging machine ?


    1, the price is different, sewing thickness is different

    2, the sewing head are not the same:
      The sewing head of KB1A mattress flanging machine is domestic made,
    The sewing head of KB-3 mattress flanging machine and KB-4 mattress flanging machine is from JUKI
    The sewing head of KB4A mattress flanging machine is from Pegasus

    3, the feeding mechanism are different:
     KB3 mattress flanging machine and KB4 mattress flanging machine is feeding,
     KB1A mattress flanging machine and KB4A mattress flanging machine is upper and lower feed feeddog synchronous feeding

     4, KB3 mattress flanging machine is single needle bar, while the rest model is double needle bar

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