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SRH Automatic Spring Machine

The machine is an automatic equipment in making bonnell mattress spring.

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SRH Automatic Spring Machine

Main application and performance:

The machine is an automatic equipment in making bonnell mattress springs. It combines coiling, knotting, heat treatment and packing four procedures. It adopts mechatronics design, worm and gear decelerator, regulation of speed can be controlled by frequency transformer, lubricating system can be controlled by computer. It is characterized with nice structure, easy adjusting, stable performance, high productivity.

Product Specification:


Spring end diameter70mm75mm80mm85mm90mm
Spring turns                                               4-7 turns
Spring height                                            100-175mm
Applicable wire diameter                                        1.9-2.4mm
Productivity                                             60 pcs/min
Main motor power                                             4 kw
Swift power                                            1.5 kw
heat treatment power                                          10 kw



Spring end diameter 70mm 75mm 80mm 85mm 90mm
Spring turns                                                4-7 turns
Spring height                                             100-175mm
Applicable wire diameter                                         1.9-2.4mm
Productivity                                              60 pcs/min
Main motor power                                              4 kw
Swift power                                             1.5 kw
heat treatment power                                           10 kw

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