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Model FB5A Automatic Mattress Tape Edge Sewing Machine

FB5A is the most advanced automatic mattress tape edge machine. The auto filipping tape edge machine can make the mattress move in and out, corner and flipping automatically. it not only improve the working efficiency and but aslo save the labor.
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Model FB5A Auto flipping tape edge machine

Main application and performance:

Model FB5 Auto flipping tape edge machine is one of new-style edge closing machines. The tape edge machine adopts split converyor working table, whole frame, the lifting structure adopts precision slide rail and makes a better rigidity of the mahcine.It is controled by PLC, and the auto-flipping tape edge machine have functions of travelling, cornerring and flipping automatically. The functions of automatic adjustment improve the sewing speed and quality. The tape edge machine stable and reliable adjustmen mechanism make the changes of product specifications be more convenient and efficient. It is a perfect equipment to manufacture mattress.

Technical Feature: 

      1.By using the structure of moving belt and fixed sewing head, operator does not need to move around the mattress to do the sewing.
      2.With the singer sewing head made in Japan, it makes the sewing of heavy-weight materials more easily, and stitches more beautifully.
      3.With PLC control, mattress can move in and move out, corner and flip automatically, which quite save the operator’s strength.
      4.Sewing head can be auto raising or lowering at the corner, speed auto slowdown at the corner, sewing speed auto recovery after passing the corner of mattress.
     5.sewing head tilt and sewing head lift can be adjusted automatically.
     6.Split conveyor working table Plus the precision slide rail inside the lifting structure makes a better rigidity of the machine.

FB5 auto-flipping tape edge machine details

Product Specification:

Model FB5A
Sewing head type Chain stitch
Sewing head lifting range 0 - 320mm
Tilting angle of Sewing head 25 - 65
Mattress thickness 50 - 400mm
Sewing head speed 1642-2740r/min
Table size 3750 x 1980mm
Travel speed 10-14m/min
Productivity 15-20 pcs/h
Air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Power 2.8KW


FB5A auto flipping tape edge machine certificate

CNC Machining Center:

auto flipping tape edge machine cnc machining center

Conventional Machine Center:
auto flipping tape edge machine conventional machine center




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Mattress Brand we served:

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Machine Layout :

FB5A auto-flipping tape edge machine layout size

The machine will be packed in three Packages. 

Package 1: 3800x2250x920 mm         
Package 2: 1300x980x900 mm
Package 3: 1000x600x670 mm

Total G.W.: 1400 kgs
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