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Model FB4A Tape edge machine

Model FB-4A is an upgraded tape edge machine of Model FB-6, which is controled by PLC and driven by servo motor. and Man-machine control is more rationalization.
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Model FB-4A tape edge machine

Main application and performance:

For Model FB-4A, the sewing head and carriage is drived separately by AC servomotors, controlled by a PLC. The machine provides manifold groups common combination of three sewing head rotary speeds and carriage speeds. Each group of combination provides one stitch. The sewing head lifting and carriage speed can be adjusted, turning speeds auto slowdown at corners. Man-machine control is more rationalization.

Technical Feature:

      1.With all the feature of Model FB6 tape edge machine.
      2.The sewing head and walking carriage is driven by servo motors and controlled by PLC.
      3.Wider range for height of mattress, it can sewing 50-700mm thick mattress.
      4.The machine can provide manifold groups common combination of three sewing head rotary speeds and carriage speeds.
      5.The adoption of servo can make the control more precisely.

FB4A tape edge machine details

Product Specification:

Model  FB4A
Sewing head type Chain stitch
Sewing head lifting range 0-200mm
Mattress thickness 50-700mm
Table Size 1600x2000mm, 1800x200mm
Sewing head motor rotary speed Max. 1500-3000 r/min
(depending on the type of sewing head selected)
Carriage speed 7-13.8m/min
Carriage clutching mode  Electromagnet clutch
Productivity 10-15 pcs/h
Motor power 2 KW


FB4A tape edge machine certificate

CNC Machining Center:

FB4A tape edge machine cnc machining center

Conventional Machine Center:
FB4A tape edge machine conventional machine center




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Machine Layout :

FB4A tape edge machine layout size

The machine will be packed in two plywood wooden cases. 

Package 1: 2225x2050x950 mm  
Package 2: 1050x700x900 mm

Total G.W.: 980 kgs
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