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How to maintain the sofa spring machine?

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How to maintain the sofa spring machine-Square mattress machinery teaches you a simple 2 steps

  If the right choiced product is the foundation for improving efficiency, then good maintenance is keeping the machine's working efficiency.  that is, whether it is the foundation or keeping the competitive advantages of the machine, every point is very important to the result. In this occastion. we will come to talk  about how to maintain the sofa spring machine. It is a simple 2 step to teach you to do good maintenance.


 1. Refueling: For the sofa spring machine, it is necessary to do a good job of adding lubricating oil. many people will ignore these, but the result is the special parts of the machine will wear down quickly if  there is no lubrication in place. with lubrication, how can the sofa spring machine ran fast and quickly?!

   2. Cleaning: Cleaning of the sofa spring machine is also very important. Whether it is the machine itself, the wire rack and other components, after the production is completed, they must be cleaned well. When the next processing, it will not Because there are scraps or iron cuts still in there, and the occurrence of jams will be eliminated and  it can also ensure that each processing can be carried out smoothly.

   Two simple steps will make the machine better play its due value, and the operation becomes simpler. Square mattress machinery will also carry out technical training during installation and commissioning, so that users can quickly learn to how to operate as well as how to maintain the machine!

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