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  • New Feature of FB3C mattress tape edge machine fits you more

    Square Mattress Machinery has developed a high performance mattress tape edge machine at a very economic price. That is our Model FB3C mattress tape edge machine to meet the versatile needs of customers.

  • What is the new improvement of mattress handle belt quilting and cutting machine

    Square mattress machinery's mattress handle belt quilting and cutting machine is suitable for the mattress handle belt sewing and cutting process. It has been well received by customers, but as the market changes, customer requirements are also increasing. In recent years, many The handle belts prod

  • How to choose different types of mattress flanging machine for beginner

    Tips on how to choose a mattress flanging machine for beginners

  • More inside info about mattress tape edge sewing machine?

    The mattress edge machine is the basic equipment for making mattresses, and there is most critical info to help you to pick up a mattress tape edge machines.

  • How to maintain fully automatic computerized mattress quilting machine

    Many mattress manufacturers do not know how to repair a mattress machine they used, especially the mattress quilting machine. for big mattress factory, this is not a problem. It is because they have a

  • Where to buy computer quilting machine?

    Who is the most reliable computer quilting machine manufacturer? In fact, no matter whether it is a single purchase or a wholesale, it is necessary to avoid risks as much as possible. What are the specific risks you will encounter, expensive prices, poor quality, poor after-sales, etc. These are th

  • Chinese mattress brand is hot again during coronavirus period-you can also buy the same mattress machine [Square]

    The coronavirus in 2020 broke people's original order of life. During this period, "working at home" and "learning at home" became a temporary tide. With unremitting efforts from the beginning of the year to the present, the prevention and control of the domestic epidemic situation

  • Even A woman can handle a mattress tape edge machine easily

    In addition to doubts about the price of the mattress tape edge stitching machine, many customers are concerned about whether it is an automatic flipping when it is used, because if the mattress is too heavy, it will be more troublesome to turn over, and you need to buy other mechanical equipment to

  • Where to buy mattress quilting machine for mattress ?

    Where to buy the mattress quilting machine for mattresses? This question shows that the customer already knows that it is easy to use, but does not know which one is good, or which one is cheaper. In fact, these can be satisfied by general manufacturers, and what the editor wants to say is that if y

  • Mattress Double Serging Machine Buying Guide

    It is normal for a device to have different models, but many people do not understand what are the double-edged edge copying machines. In this case, most of the time, they cannot be purchased accurately. If you study carefully, you will understand that the popular equipment of various manufacturers

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