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Even A woman can handle a mattress tape edge machine easily

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In addition to doubts about the price of the mattress tape edge stitching machine, many customers are concerned about whether it is an automatic flipping when it is used, because if the mattress is too heavy, it will be more troublesome to turn over, and you need to buy other mechanical equipment to assist the flipping, or increase the number of people to turn over. Many customers have taken this into consideration and have not made their decision yet.


Is it good to flip? There are double-turning mechanisms on both sides. In the long-term production and manufacturing, Nanjing Square draws on the opinions of customers and continuously improves its automatic mattress tape edge stitching machine. It also considers whether customers care about using other auxiliary tools. The double-sided design of the design can be turned over to prevent the impact of the mattress, which is convenient and saves money. Anyway, even a woman can use it easily.


The advantage of automatic flipping is that after sewing one side, the machine automatically flips the mattress for you, so that you can work on the other side of mattress. When the turning mechanism is used, no extra labor is required to flip the mattress. We insist on free delivery and installation of the mattress edge machine, solve the customer's problems within 24 hours. Contact us immediately, and get the free spare parts during the promotion..

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