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Chinese mattress brand is hot again during coronavirus period-you can also buy the same mattress machine [Square]

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The coronavirus in 2020 broke people's original order of life. During coronavirus period, people celebrate china new year in "houses", "working at home" and "learning at home".  Thanks to the unremitting efforts from chinese people, the prevention and control of the domestic epidemic situation has gradually become clearer, the situation is improving, and the focus of epidemic prevention has also been gradually shifted to overseas to help othe nations to control severe transmission of the deadly disease-corona virus. On March 21st, World Sleep Day, Sleemon officially released a new antibacterial product with dual-core antibacterial and anti-mite technology, and many netizens even directly shouted: "Hurry up with the progress and copy the anti-coronavirus work from China."


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Seeing this content, many mattress manufacturers have cast their envious eyes. Although you are not happy, you can use the same equipment. As mentioned in the previous newsletter, Square, who produces mattress machinery, often cooperates with Sleemon. When Sleemon opened a factory in Thailand, Square provided more than a dozen mattress machinery at a time and helped local workers to set up their mattress factory. Square helped thailand local worker to learn, use and operate those machines independently. for more details, you can see our previous posts.


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