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  • [Company News] Guangzhou Show A Great Harvest

    2017 Guangzhou exhibition 3/28--3/31

  • [Company News] Best mattress machine by Nanjing Square for India market

    best mattress machines for India market

  • [Company News] Nanjing Square's Services to Our Customer

    There are two kinds of needs of the service, one is the material demand, the other is the spiritual needs. Nanjing square mattress machinery's attitude to service is that we shall not only meet the physical needs of our customers , but also address their spiritual needs or psychological needs of our

  • [Company News] Square improves mattress flanging machine on heavy material feeding system

    Square improves mattress flanging machine on heavy material feeding system High lift foot press of mattress flanging machine is probably most sought after by many mattress makers.The reason is obvious: The more height the foot press can lift, the more thick the fabric can be stuffed in for the flang

  • [Company News] Square mattress machinery to India to experience the tension between China and India ...

    Recently, all aspects are saying that Sino-Indian relations are very tense. Chinese stores have been smashed, the border troops has been arrayed, and so on. We Nanjing square mattress machinery argued greatly on whether to go for the Indian exhibition or not at such momentum , but our sales director

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