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Nanjing Square's Services to Our Customer

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There are two kinds of needs of the service, one is the material demand, the other is the spiritual needs. Nanjing square mattress machinery's attitude to service is that we shall not only meet the physical needs of our customers , but also address their spiritual needs or psychological needs of our customers, so that they not only get the qualified products, but also feel comfortable, satisfied.


This time we went to our domestic mattress factory for the service, to see if we can help them in any end in their mattress production.

mattress factory.jpg

we provide some maintainence and adjustment for the tape edge machine, double serging machine, Automatic zigzag label sewing machine they bought from us.

Tape edge machine.jpg

double serging machine.jpg

Automatic mattress label sewing machine.jpg

The purpose of our service:
Improve product quality to customers’ satisfaction and provide attentive after-sales service to make users feel at ease; to ensure that the quantity and quality of delivery, to ensure the delivery time;to establish a complete and standard installation, commissioning, training documents, full technical support, provide users with relevant technical and operations staff in time for user training;of any information transmitted by the user, are detailed records; warm and sincere treatment of user complaints, respond promptly, to solve the users’ problems as soon as possible on a regular basis to track the user equipment operation, remind the user of the device’s maintenance.

Nanjing Square mattress machinery co., Ltd has been in the mattress machinery field for 28 years. By interacting with customers, Nanjing square can meet the diverse needs of customers, make continuous improvement and innovation to meet customers’ demands.

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