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Square improves mattress flanging machine on heavy material feeding system

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Square improves mattress flanging machine on heavy material feeding system



High lift foot press of mattress flanging machine is probably most sought after by many mattress makers.

The reason is obvious:

The more height the foot press can lift, the more thick the fabric can be stuffed in for the flanging.


But, this is only half true.

Stuffing the thick fabric below the foot press is just step 1.

You also need to have a heavy fabric feeding system, as thick fabric is difficult to move while you do the stitching.


Now, Nanjing square brings the new feeding system as well as high lift foot press into the old type flanging machine.


As per one of sealy factory director, “The improved new flanging machine is very handy and easy to use, much better than the previous belt type mattress flanging machine. “


The reason is obvious; most of mattress makers were quick to realize the shortcomings of the belt type mattress flanging machine if they have one:


        1.       The belt can break, you have to change the belt every one year, but The new feeding system do not use belt, so you do not need to replace the belt parts.


        2.       If the fabric is a little bit thicker, it will be difficult to stuff it below the belt type press foot, but for the new high lift foot press, it is not a problem at all.

        3.       The old type mattress flanging machine is belt type feeding while the new mattress flanging machine is upper and lower feed dog feeding. The upper and lower feed dog feeding is more powerful than the belt type feeding.

 old-belt-type-mattress-flanging-machine.jpg  The-new-mattress-flanging-machine-with-upper-and-lower-feed-dog-and-the-high-lift-foot-press.jpg



The old belt type mattress flanging machine will no longer be in production, and the new improved mattress flanging machine will be still offered at the same price as the old belt type one. For more info, call us at 0086-25-84872407.

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