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How to maintain fully automatic computerized mattress quilting machine

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Many mattress manufacturers do not know how to repair a mattress machine they used, especially the mattress quilting machine. for big mattress factory, this is not a problem. It is because they have a special mattress machine repair team. but for small factory, they have no special forces to do the job.

Most of the mattress machines you bought from Nanjing square mattress machinery all have good qualities. They do not easily break downs. all you have to do is to read the manual carefully. and condut proper maintain everyday for the machine.  then the machine will be always working in good condition.

so a good maintainence is the starting point for keeping the machine running in high efficiency. and this is the ways which big mattress makers didn't tell to the small newly established mattress factories. if small factories really encounter the problems, then can consult the mattress machinery factory to solve the problem. and it is no exceptions for big mattress brands.


Below is the guidance to maintain the fully automatic computerized mattress quilting machine:

1. First of all, the power ground wire of the fully automatic computer mattress quilting machine must be independently grounded, and must not be mixed with the "zero" line in the power supply.

2. Do not open the computer parts and inverter at will. If there is any fault in this area, please contact the manufacturer in time, and the manufacturer or its agent will send someone to repair it.

3. When the machine is working, it should always pay attention to whether there is any abnormal sound. If there is any abnormal sound, it should be stopped in time, and then work after the cause is found and eliminated.

4. Make sure the input voltage is stable. If necessary, a voltage regulator can be configured to ensure the normal operation of the machine's electrical components.

5. If the normal quilting process encounters a temporary power outage, you should turn off the power switch of the computer and the electrical box in time. After switching on, you need to reconfirm the setting parameters, and return the machine head and frame to the starting point, and then start the machine.

6. When pulling out or loading into the clamping frame, check whether the needle is in a high position to avoid pulling the fabric.

7. All belts on the machine are forbidden to be oiled. If oil is found on the surface of the belt, it should be cleaned in time.

8. If the working environment of the fully automatic computer mattress quilting machine exceeds the specified requirements, the tension of the synchronous belt will change significantly, and the electrical components will be unstable. At this time, the machine may appear abnormal. Please monitor the user strictly Changes in working environment requirements.

Hope the above helps you use the fully automatic computerized mattress quilting machine well !

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