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More inside info about mattress tape edge sewing machine?

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The mattress tape edge sewing machine is the basic equipment for making mattresses, but there are several types. from manual type tape edge sewing machine, semi-automatic tape edge machine to fully automatic one, but which one is better ?


             semi-automatic tape edge machine

Nearly no one can answer this question, because it depends your own situation. if you are lacking in funds, you can choose the manual type tape edge machine, or semi-automatic tape edge machine. if money is not the problem, you can use the automatic tape edge machine, because they are high in efficiency and save your labor cost.

automatic mattress tape edge machine

           automatic mattress tape edge machine

But this is not what I want to tell you. for a man who works in this industry for more than 20 years, what I feel most import is the sewing head mounted on any tape edge machine. ( the other aspects of the tape edge machine is also important).

singer sewing head

not every sewing head is suitable for mattress tape edge machine. now typical GC2603, singer 300U are most popular sewing head on mattress tape edge machine. typical GC2603 is no problem, they have real factories in china. singer 300U is quite controversial. most people know that singer is a Japanese brand, but now they have many fake ones in the market.

Nanjing square mattress machinery have more than 20 years in mattress machinery industry. and it cooperates with Matsushita industrial Co.,Ltd. (Japan), who has more than 70 years history in Japan.

we jointly developed Model FB6 mattress tape edge machine.  we not only have singer 300U, but also MIC M-300US for your choice. and they proved have good qualities and reliabilities.

if you buy chain stitch mattress tape edge machine, or singer 300U, or MIC M-300U, you can contact us for more info.

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