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New Feature of FB3C mattress tape edge machine fits you more

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As the thickness of domestic mattresses continues to increase, Square Mattress Machinery has developed a high performance mattress tape edge machine at a very economic price.  That is our Model FB3C mattress tape edge machine to meet the versatile needs of customers. 

FB3C mattress tape edge machine

Compared with FB3A mattress tape ede surrounding machine, it has the following characteristics:

      1. Increase the sewing range, suitable to the mattress thickness of 2 ~ 47cm, can sew different thickness mattresses within that range

          heigh range FB3C mattress tape edge machine can sew

      2. Increase the sewing speed by 23%, straight line sewing can reach 11.5m/min, which improves the production efficiency


      3. The sewing needle pitch is increased by 22%, which saves more sewing thread during production

      4. The head can be adjusted back and forth, and the mattress with different angled corners can be sewed smooth and nicely by adjusting the front and back distance of the head


      5. Put the lifting chain at the bottom of the machine, which is safer and reduces hidden dangers

      6. Using ergonomic design, while increasing the sewing height, the needle is 1~1.2m away from the ground to ensure the comfort of the operation and prevent the operator from raising the arm for too long to cause fatigue


      7. Adopt national industrial standard worm gear reducer, muted during operation, no oil leakage.

      8. Change the corner deceleration device, the machine can decelerate ahead of time when the corner is turned, delay acceleration, and the error tolerance rate is higher during operation

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