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Mattress Double Serging Machine Buying Guide

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It is normal for a device to have different models, but many people do not understand what are the mattress double serging machines. In this case, most of the time, people can not buy the mattress double serging machine correctly. If you study carefully, you will understand that the popular equipment of various manufacturers is different. Like double serging machines, our SKB2 is more popular with customers.


  Its function is still more superb than other devices, it can not only trim the edge but also automatically cut the excess fabric. Even better, with it, customers do not need to manually collect waste materials, which saves a lot of time. Regardless of whether it is the SKB2 model or some other models, as long as it belongs to the SKB series, it cuts or collects waste automatically. You will find that the production can be so simple. but remember its processing range is different, and you should understand your needs when choosing.


Nanjing Square has many machines, and each function is different, so I will not list them one by one. Customers who want to know can contact us or leave a message at any time. we will give the reply at the firt time when we receive it.

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