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How to choose different types of mattress flanging machine for beginner

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                                Tips on choosing a mattress flanging machine

 1. Choose according to your production needs:

    The mattresses produced by each customer are different, so the overlock or flanging effect is also different. Customers should choose according to their own sewing thickness of the mattress fabric and also the number of sewing threads you want to use. normally the sewing thickness of mattress fabaric is 40mm, 60mm, 70mm and 80mm, and the number of sewing threads required is generally four or five.


    2. Choose according to the sewing machine head:


     It depends on your own budget and real manufacturing situation. mattress flanging machine can adopt different sewing heads according to customers requests or the thickness of the mattess fabric you want to flange. There are many sewing heads for mattress flanging machine, such as JUKI, Pegasus, Kingtex, or others. and Thanks for the rapid technology development, now many chinese manufacturers can produce very good quality overlocking machine sewing head. They are in good quality and its price is cheap. while the overlocking machine sewing head is bought by a mattress flanging machine manufacturer, they still need to do necessary modifications so that they can be used on a mattress. so when you buy the mattress flanging machine, listen to the suggestions of the mattress flanging machine manufacturer. They know more about the machine.

Hope these helps when buy a mattress flanging machine.

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