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What are the anti-interference measures of the CNC sponge cutting machine?

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The CNC sponge cutting machine is generally equipped with protective materials for external noise, but because it is difficult to quantitatively measure the size and frequency of the noise, we should take corresponding anti-interference measures. Here is the way how to do it.


  1.  All cables connected to the CNC system must be shielded.

  2. Prevent strong electricity from interfering with electromagnetic components such as relays and contactors in the electricity cabinet of the CNC sponge cutting machine. They are all interference sources for the CNC system.

  3. Grouping of signal lines. Classification of cables used by the CNC sponge cutting machine. Each group of cables should be handled and routed in groups in accordance with the processing methods described in the manual.

  4. The connection equipment of the various ground wires of the sponge cutting machine should adopt the one-point grounding method. Don't be greedy for convenience: Ground nearby everywhere will result in multiple grounding and forming a ground circulation.

  5. Control and reduce the interference of the power supply line. The placement of the CNC sponge cutting machine should be far away from medium-frequency and high-frequency electrical equipment, and avoid high-power starting and stopping frequent equipment and electric spark equipment on the same power supply main line. Independent power line shall be allocated to the CNC spong cutting machine.

  The anti-interference measures of the CNC system of Sponge cutting machinery are mainly these. We must carry out reasonable operations according to the instructions to continuously improve our work efficiency.

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