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The maintainence of 14 sets of mattress tape edge machine for Sleemon

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Last year, Sleemon bought fourteen automatic mattress tape edge machines for their Thailand factory. we finished installation and debugging when the machines arrived at their Thailand factory. but this year, we still send our technician to their Thailand factory to ensure everything is ok so that they can carry out their mattress production smoothly.

This is a care service for our customers. our technician will provide a thorough maintainence for those tape edge machines so that Sleemon's workers can use the machines more conveniently and also the machines can last longer. 

view exchanging in sleemon thailand factory

    We exchanged views with Sleemon's thailand operators so that we can kow  local people's  using habits for the machines. we will develop and optimize the machine better to suit the needs of the local people. at same time, we also give them a train of our expericence on how to better use the automatic tape edge machines. 

    After the after-sales service visiting, our technician will came back. and they explained the deficiencies of our mattress tape edge machine and the direction that needs to be optimized in the future. Only continuous improvement can make our mattress rim machine better.

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