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high-density sponge knowledge popularization process- Sponge Machinery Factory Nanjing Square

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today, as a  Sponge Machinery Factory, Nanjing square will tells you about the knowledge of high-density sponge or foam.

The visual representation of high-density sponge is that the weight per cubic meter reaches more than 45 kilograms. Of course, the sponge technology has been improved. It is no longer correct to judge the density of the sponge solely by weight. The current sponge has a high density and is much lighter than previously processed sponges. High-density sponges are no longer judged solely by weight.

Of course, some people asked about the purpose of the high-density sponge of Square Sponge Machinery Factory:

  Generally speaking, high-density sponges have high hardness. Of course, some super soft additives are added to make the sponge super soft, which are used to make sound-absorbing cotton, sofa cushions, and soft pack materials. Medium and low density sponges are used as general protective materials. The hardness of the sponge with the same density is also different.

high density sponge

Generally, the density of the sponge for sofa cushions is about 35 kilograms, and there are soft, hard and super soft specifications. The mattress is generally around 22 kilograms. The so-called high-density sponge is a term commonly used by salesmen when introducing products. Of course, you can contact Square mattress machinery factory online customer service if you have any questions.

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