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Automatic mattress tape edge machine fitted to the pipline

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Nearly every mattress factory wants a streamlined mattress production line. but normally streamlined production line is done by a standardization organization. small mattress factories nearly have no financial ability to hire a special standardization organization to do the job. 

automatic mattress tape edge machine fitted in the pipeline

Due to the 29 years experience in the mattress industry, Nanjing square now can offer a quick solution to mattress factories to help them establish their own streamlined mattress production line. those streamline mattress production line is a crystal from the big mattress factories experiences we cooperated with, thus can maxium save the costs for small and medium sized mattess factory.


Automatic mattress tape edge machine plus the automated converyor table can maxium improve the working efficiency of mattress factory.

automatic mattress tape edge machine plus mattress convery table

mattress conveyor table

automatic tape edge machine

we , nanjing square, can provide the whole solution for mattress factory set-up, training and streamlized pipeline design. we can help small and medium sized mattress factory to save their cost and improve their working efficiency.

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