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Automatic mattress tape edge machine for Sleemon Tailand mattress factory

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Sleemon, a tens of billions level annual earnings emterprise in china, has lounched a new project to set up a mattress factory in Tailand.


Due to the trade conflicts between US and china, US launched a heavy tax duties against most of goods imported from china, and  mattress is among them.  and America is one of the important markets for Sleemon.  so in order to avoid the heavy customs duties, Sleemon started setting up their overseas mattress factory project.

Sleemon decided to open up a new mattress factory in Tailand. They started their bids for mattress machine production equipments in China. finally, they choose us as their mattress machine supplier.

That means they have a high recognition for our mattress machines. 


This time they ordered 30 sets of automatic mattress tape edge machine for their Thailand mattress factory.  and this is an honor to us, and thanks for their trust, and we will keep the quality of our machine as usual.

Please feel assured that they will be no defects machine from Nanjing square, and they will be arrived at Tailand on time.

and all the mattress machine production has been started.  







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