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Buying automatic spring machine should be cautious, contact Square Mattress Machinery for fast and good quality.

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Automatic s shape spring machine is very expensive, random search is tens of thousands RMB per unit, so customers always compare and see, ask it again and again, for its price for comparison. We can all understand that only the right one for you is good. Buying an automatic spring machine is like buying a car for your family. Think carefully about it. for fast Speed and good quality, Square is a good choice. Square's automatic spring machine, which can produce at least 14 meters an hour, is the No. 1 option.


The power of the automatic spring machine is 380V of three-phase , AC, 50Hz, which can be operated continuously by using stepless speed regulation controlled by microcomputer frequency conversion. Frequency converter has been designed parameters when it leaves the factory, generally need not be adjusted, of course, it is not impossible to adjust, as long as professional and technical personnel according to the operation manual of frequency converter.


Of course, some people will ask whether the automatic spring machine is durable. The editor can only show you a picture to prove how durable Square's equipment is.

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