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Excellent quality and excellent service

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Excellent quality and excellent service


China is with the greatest population in the world. So is the huge demands for mattress in china.

This stimulate the mass production of mattresses in china. Now there are several world giants emerged in china in mattress industry, and they are now the pioneer in production skill and craftsmanship of mattress production.  Sleemon is one of them.



Sleemon bought several newly designed FB5B mattress tape edge machine from our factory.

We send our technician Mr. Ma to their factory for the after sale service.

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Mr. Ma is our top technician for all the mattress machines with more than 20 years experience. Below is the picture Mr. Ma working on the site.



According to Mr. Ma, Sleemon has a strong technical force. They can handle most of the problem they met, but some time they may neglect the basic and daily maintenance for the machine. And they have very advanced mattress manufacturing techniques which can be learn by most medium size mattress factory.



If you have a chance, you can drop a visit to us to discuss with Mr. Ma about the mattress manufacturing experience and technology and trend in the mattress industry.


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