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High precision Spring machinery, High quality spring!

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 The abnormal sound is believed to be annoying to many people, mainly because the abnormal sound is noise, and secondly abnormal sound is mostly assembling problem. The accuracy of the spring machinery assembly is related to the precision produced by the spring. It can be mainly divided into geometric parameters and physical parameters, two major categories.




   Geometric accuracy requirements include clearance, mating properties, mutual positional accuracy and relative motion accuracy, contact quality, and the like. The gap and mating properties can be unified into dimensional accuracy requirements, referring to the relative zero and dimensional accuracy between components.


 The mutual positional accuracy of the spring machine includes related zeros, parallelism between components, perpendicularity, concentricity, and various bounces. Relative motion accuracy refers to the relative motion of the product in the product, the accuracy of the relative motion direction and relative speed direction between the components. The accuracy of the motion direction is mostly zero, the parallelism and verticality of the relative motion between the components; the relative velocity accuracy is also called the transmission accuracy, that is, the transmission ratio that requires zero and the relative motion between the components must maintain a certain degree of precision. Zero, the linear motion accuracy of the component or the accuracy of the circular motion is the basis of the relative motion accuracy.


   Contact accuracy refers to the size and distribution of the actual contact area between the contact surfaces.




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