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How do we take care of our customer's order?

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   In Square mattress machinery, as long as our customer orders for one piece of mattress machines, we will first manufacture it , test it, and then send it out. 


   after the installation and commissioning of the mattress machinery, our technician will send out how the machine operating in our customer's mattress factory,  and the production video of the installation service, and all those digital data will be upload into our wetsite so that all our potential customers will know these and they can easily get the reference from the exsiting customers who use this machines. 


     we don't afraid the word of mouth opinion will affect our business. actually we think it is a better tool to help us to improve our quality.  and this spurr us to put more emphasis on the quality of the machines, and more rigid machine inspection before it leaves from factory. we hope we can get more feedbacks from our customers, so we can get more flurish in the future.

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