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How many meters of computer multi-needle quilting machine is sewing in a day

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  Price, quality, after-sales is a small series questions of computer multi-needle quilting machines , which are often asked by customers, but we recently found that many new customers will ask about such question when they are consulting customer service. This question is not difficult for our professional and experienced customer service staff. and here we will tell you how many meters you can sew a day and  how you can do this.


 Use a customer service real-life example to tell you how many meters a computer multi-needle quilting machine can sew on a specific day. Our customer service used to bring new customers to our Nanjing old customers' place for on-site inspection and found that they sew 2 meters as long as 1 Minutes, if you add other time, you can sew 80 meters on average in an hour, and you can sew 640 meters in 8 hours a day, so the sewing speed is very fast.


 The computer multi-needle quilting machine can sew at least 640 meters a day, otherwise how to save money and make money. Square also has a non-charged delivery and installation service, one-on-one training for technicians, and more attention, and instant after sales serivce if you have any question.

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