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How much is the flanging sewing machine-which save 60% of the cost give you the reply

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   How much is the flanging sewing machine? everyone knows that the market is different, the price is also different too, the entire market price for flanging machine is between 20,000-70000 yuan. even a lay man knows the prices of a product are affected by the cost of its materials. In addition, different models of the machine means different price. Anyway, let the real flanging sewing machine manufacturers give you the answer.

 In addition to the factors mentioned above that affect the price, the flanging machine price of sewing 40mm and 80mm is much different, so when choosing, be sure to tell the manufacturer how thick you need to sew, what sewing machine head you prefer, and how many threads do you want. and providing those info to the flanging machine supplier, can they give you the correct answer, otherwise you will not be able to choose the right model, the price is not suitable for you.


   With the efficiency of 4000 stitches per minute, everyone's production can save 60% of the cost, which is also very few manufacturers can insist on, after all, in addition to fair prices, high efficiency is also guaranteed.

   Everyone will compare the cost of an flanging machine many times and the its quality, and then choose a manufacturer that suits them. This can only bring more protection to themselves. As a manufacturer that can save costs by 60%, Square's quality is guaranteed nationwide, and the core parts are guaranteed for 1 year. You deserve its machine and service.

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