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How to choose mattress edge machine?

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 As time is money, the demand for mattress edge stitching is getting higher and higher. There is a lot of brands and varieties of mattress edge machine on the market, but it is not difficult to buy the right ones.


   The choice of mattress edge machines still needs to be determined according to your own needs, what functions are needed, the thickness of the sewing mattress, the size of the mattress, and of course the budget. Unlike other products, mattress edge machine not only requires after-sales installation, but also maintenance, so the service is a very important part for the user. Which one to choose from the mattress edge machines, choose a good after-sales service can help you solve a lot of worries, on the contrary, if you do not choose a good manufacturer, you will get trouble.


  When purchasing mattress edge machine, choose Square's brand with both technology and service. Not only the product is guaranteed, but also the service is guaranteed. It not only saves time, but also improves efficiency. Select Square automatic mattress edge machine to reduce labor cost by 80%. 

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