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How to diganose the problem for S shape spring machine?

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  When sofa spring machine mechanical control system has problems, it will definitely affect the production progress, as an specialized manufacturer of sofa spring machine, our opinion is that the first time you should do is to check the machine, instead of contacting Square customer service department, just like seeing a doctor, the right medicine can be quickly given only after you understand what is the problem.  so self diganose the problem is very important !


   First, check if it is the power problem;

   Second, check whether there is a problem with the servo motor encoder and the reverberation related circuit;

   Third, check whether the PLC program of the spring machine has a problem;

   Fourth, check the AC servo control board and related circuits for problems;

   Fifth,  Check if there are any problems with the connection lines and terminals of various control lines.

   Spring machinery should always be checked or lubricated, clean the surface of the dirt, in order to produce a good mechanical spring, of course, problems can also be eliminated according to the Manuals.

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