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How to trouble shoot the problem of singer 300U sewing head on mattress tape edge machine

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There are occasionally some problems for singer 300U sewing head for mattress tape edge machine during its usage. Although it is only a small problem, (a small move can solve it), many people still do not know to fix it.


      Here, I have summarized some problems and solutions for the sewing head. Hope it helps.


Skipping stitch


1. The needle bar position is not correct, and adjust the needle to make it 11.1 cm from the needle plate while it is at its highest position.


2. The position of the looper is not correct, the crochet moves forward to meet the upper part of the groove above the pinhole of the needle while the needle moves upward from the lowest point.


3, the bottom line is not tight, adjust the upper and lower wire clamp to adjust the line tight.


Broken line


1. The bottom line is too loose or too tight, and the bottom line should be properly tightened.


2. The position of the looper is not correct. Adjust the position of the looper as above/


3. If the fabric is too thick, or if the joints of the fabric are too thick in the middle, adjust the presser foot appropriately. At thick joints, slow down the sewing speed accordingly.


Broken needle


1. during the operation, mattress tape edger pull or drag the mattress too roughly. This may cause a broken needle. While sewing, mattress tape edge machine operator should slowly pull the mattress in place.


2. When the needle hits the needle plate, it may cause broken needle. Tighten fastening screw.


3. The crochet impact needle, adjusts the position of the crochet.


4, needle quality is too bad, change a good one. (180 # is a good one)

300U mattress sewing head on mattress tape edge sewing mattress

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