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Is PFAFF the only choice for Mattress tape edge machine?

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Pfaff sewing machine, as the German brand, is famous for its best quality. Pfaff sewing head is typically metaphored as the "Mecedeze Benze" in the sewing machine Industry. 

Pfaff sewing head

Normally, in order to fully untilize the capability of Pfaff sewing head, Pfaff sewing head is always used as the sewing head for automatic mattress tape edge machine.

Automatic mattress tape edge machine is usually use the belt conveyor to move in and out the mattress, and the sewing capacity of automatic tape edge machine is 15-20 pieces mattress per hour,  and the automatic mattress tape edge machine is mostly used on mattress pipeline production system. so its sewing speed, and convenient adjustment, and sewing head stitching reliability is most important for the automatic mattress tape edge machine.  so Pfaff is maybe the NO.1 choice for people in the mattress industry.

Automatic mattress tape edge machine with PFAFF sewing head

But is really Pfaff sewing head the only choice for automatic mattress tape edge machine?

pfaff sewing head

Apparently, it is not. there are still some good quality sewing head for your choice in the market, Such as singer sewing head, typical chain stitch sewing head, and temic 300U.

Pfaff is mostly for those who are not lack of funds, who prefer the brands name more than anything else. while  Singer, typical chain stitch. temic 300u is for those who are care about the performance/price ratio about the machine. they are the most practical users for mattress tape edge machine. those sewing head is much cheaper than Pfaff, they always give you a payback when you buy them.

sewing head workshop

we have other brands of sewing head too, such as typical lock stitch sewing head, Seiko sewing head.

 for most of the sewing heads, they will be modified and oiled to best match the mattress tape edge machine.

we are responsible for each sewing head we sold to our customers, and their good users experience is our ultmate goal.

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