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Is mattress flanging machine for more thick fabric more better? - don't buy more, suitable is the best [Square]

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for Different mattresses, sewing thickness is not the same, for some, 40mm mattress flanging machine is enough, some need 60mm, and the others need 80mm, so many different situations, which one is better? Is it all dizzy? do not know how to start buying? in fact, this is not difficult, just let us tell you which one is the best.


Whether it is a factory or a distributor, you need to create value for your customers in the process. In recent years, everyone has mentioned that it is necessary to provide users with good products and good services, so that there will be stickiness. But all services are costly. If the factory does not make money, the merchant does not make money, who will provide the service? The mattress flanging machine can be thicker, so when the customer is shopping, you can't just look at the price. You should pay due attention to the value of the machine itself.

Mattress flanging machine is actually a serging machine to overlock the top mattress panel fabric, so that the mattress fabric can become thinner after overlocking. and it facilitates the mattress tape edging job.


The craftsmanship and mattress tape edge sewing working efficency is siganificantly improved after the mattress fabric is overlocked. for some 40mm mattress flanging machine, it is just for producing the cheap mattress, while 80mm mattress flanging machine is for high end mattress.  as high end mattress, it is always use several lays of sponges on the mattress top to improve its comfortable and cozy.  for very luxury mattress, the mattress fabric is even more than 80mm thickness. then, due to the more thickness of the fabric, then there will be more friction while feed dog  pull the fabric to go through the overlock mechanism of the mattress flanging machine. so the mattress flanging machine will need a big and stronge pulling wheel, as well as the clamping and dragging system for the fabric. so if you use a 80mm mattress flaning machine to overlock a 40mm thickness fabric, and the dragging force of the mattress will be seem too  heavy, and it probably will damage the 40mm thick fabric. 

for the above situation, it is not more thick more better.  just find the most suitable mattress flanging machine for yourself. if you need help, contact a customer service.

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