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Mattress Flanging Machine with automatic waste collection device

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  If you go to the mattress production site, I don't know if you have considered why they have so much waste on the ground. But if you have seen Square's sewing machine work site, you will know what the difference is.


  After considering the environmental issues, Square added a function of automatically sucking waste in the function of the mattress flanging machine after repeated research. Don't feel that such a function is irrelevant. When you are cleaning, you will appreciate this feature. The automatic suction of waste is the excess cut-off fabric that is automatically cut and collected in the waste collector, and then the worker cleans the waste infrequently.


  A mattress flanging machine that can store waste, which can be found in Square. Customers who use our equipment are very recognized for this feature, so you also need to help you improve your production in the face of cleaning problems. As long as you consult, the company has someone online for you 24 hours a day. so just feel free to contact us!

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