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Mattress cleaning tips: through Anatomy of mattress to get cleaning tips

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People tends to spend a third of their time in bed sleepingso a good mattress is very import for one’s life.


Bed sheets, quilt covers can be washed in the wash machine.

But how shall we do when mattress gets dirty and stained?

Mattress can neither be washed in a wash machine, nor can it be got a good sunshine.


So Here is the cleaning tips we can get through anatomy of a mattress.


When you get it, you can clean your mattress in 10 minutes.


Let’s see how the mattress is being made:


Mattresses is usually adopt bonnell spring unit or pocket spring unit as its core, which is normally made by mattress spring machines. with top and bottom padding, namely various layers of EPE foam, memory foam and latex, it can provide a comfort support for the body. At last, the quilted fabric (the top cover) will be tape edged onto padded mattress core by using the tape edge machine.

Anatomy of mattress .jpgmattress.png

So here is the problem:


1.     The top quilted fabric of mattress can gets dirty easily. it can catch blood stain, drink stain, or urine stains..

2.     The top quilted fabric of mattress made by quilting machine is tends to have a wavy pattern so that so that it can provide more comfortable support to the body, Skin debris, sweat stains, dust mites and a variety of subtle impurities will be through the sheets into the mattress gap, affecting our quality of life.


3.     Foams and latex can catch moisture due to its nature, although some of the foam or latex is “breathable”-can let the heat and moisture out.

4.     Besides that, as you can see, normal mattress are closely stitched together, and it is not detachable for you to wash it in the washing machine.


You may wondering:

“what is the way to clean the mattress?”


Here is the deal:


    FOR Stains:

1. Use Hydrogen peroxide to get rid of the blood stains

Mattress with old blood stains can be sprayed on 3% of concentration of the medical hydrogen peroxide, so when it bubbled, use a tooth brush gently scrub stain off , and then take a clean, dry white towel to dry it.

   1. Use Hydrogen peroxide to get rid of the blood stains.jpg

2. Use White vinegar to remove urine stains

when mattress has urine stains or urine residue, sprayed with undilated white vinegar, put it aside for 1 hour, then take the cold wet towel to press the stained area (do not circle, to avoid stains to expand). You can also use a toothbrush to brush stubborn stains, and then dry it with a hair dryer.

 Use White vinegar to remove urine stains.jpg

     3.Use Alcohol to remove drink stains

     Alcohol contains ethanol can remove cola, fruit juice and other beverage stains of organic matter, but in order to avoid the spreading of the stains on mattress by using alcohol , you can first use a good Water absorption towel and dip it in alcohol and then wipe stain off carefully.


.Use Alcohol to remove drink stains.jpg

 FOR Skin debris, dust mites, hair, and other debris from the mattress:

1. Use a vacuum to clean it:  use a wide brush attachment to vacuum the top of the mattress. use the long upholstery nozzle to get into cracks, to vacuum edges and piping, and to clean the sides and corners.

use vacuum cleaner to clean mattress.jpg

 FOR moisture:

1.Use Baking soda to get rid of moisture

For a damp mattress, first you use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the dusts, then sprinkle the baking soda evenly over the mattress, put it aside for 2 hours, and then use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the mattress to remove the baking soda. It can not only remove moisture or liquid stains, cleaning the mattress, but also remove the bad smell of  a mattress after long time of use.

use vacuum and baking soda to clean mattress.jpg

mattress comparision before and after.jpg

We consistently seek to improve the making of mattresses through better machines.

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