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Mattress machine repurchased by India Customer

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Due to the expansion of its business, Jawandsons repurchases the mattress machine they bought last year.

as per their technician, the growing demands of India people for mattress has brought them a lot of business, plus the mattress machine they bought from us is very good in quality, reasonable in price. so they decide to place another sets of the mattress machine to meet they growing production demands.

first, we thanks them for thinking about us when they are planning to buy the machines. Secondly, we will thanks our technician for their invaluable work which makes the machine far more better than our customers expected.

our elite technician will continue his job on gurantee the perfect delivery of the machine to our customer.

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machine-repurchasedIMG_20181026_112612 machine-repurchasedIMG_20181026_112627

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