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Polyol sponge foaming will also turn yellow - [Squier] sponge machinery

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Polycarbonate is used for sponge foaming. Usually, polyol manufacturers add a certain amount of antioxidants to it to ensure safe production during the foaming process of the sponge foaming machine. The main antioxidants used by domestic polyether producers are BHT and amine antioxidants or phenol thiocyanate compound antioxidant systems; some well-known international polyether producers mainly choose some large molecular weight hindered phenols. Antioxidants, with amine antioxidants.


 In combination with the polyol used in the sponge foaming machine, in addition to considering safety, cost, and foaming performance, the effect of the antioxidant in the polyol on the yellowing of the sponge is rarely considered. This is often overlooked by everyone, but it is also one of the important reasons for the yellowing of the sponge.


  Under ideal conditions, in the foaming process of the sponge foaming machine, the aging degradation of the polymer by high temperature can be suppressed, which not only ensures the safe production of the sponge foaming process, but also effectively prevents the yellowing during the foaming process of the sponge. However, as the foaming of the sponge is completed, the antioxidant remaining in the sponge tends to cause many sponges to turn yellow, paying attention to our column to know more about the mattress machines.

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